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Cucha Cucha Velatorios

Fulfilling objectives

Since December 2015, Cucha Cucha Veladorios is the new branch of the Company, designed to provide an alternative service.
In a renovated and functional building, due to its proximity to the Cemetery of Chacarita and located in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo, border with Caballito, it offers a great option when choosing a funeral service.
Finally, for us, meeting objectives is essential, to provide a better service and guarantee security at all times.




Installed since 1973 and located at Cucha Cucha 1785, almost corner Juan B. Justo, the building has three salons, large surfaces and comfortable facilities, where they are being remodeled to be adapted soon to our style.


You can contact our branch 24 hours a day. to the next phone number
+54 11 3040 5000 or visit our website:

URGENCIAS 11 6114-3000