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Repatriation of Remains

Repatriation of remains to and from Latin America, Europe, Asia

We are a reliable, efficient, experienced and quick operator to solve this urgency.

We provide the client with the international funeral transfer for the repatriation of bodies or ashes to and from all over the world.

Due to its conformation and operative capacity, we are in a position to guarantee perfection in the service, providing an integral service.

All services you can hire directly in our offices, without having to travel abroad, request your budget here.


The services that we offer you


Door to door service, throughout Argentina, and abroad through our representatives

The Company has correspondents who can immediately resolve this service.


In other countries 
Withdrawal, and body preparation.
Conditioning in special case or coffin, packaging.
Shipping and boarding procedures in airlines.
Procedures of embassy and consulate.
Death proceedings on site.
Reserve and load on airline.

In the country
Removal of remains at airport.
Customs procedures for delivery.
Handling of documentation by customs broker.
Transfer to the warehouse for conditioning the coffin.
Transfer to the veiling room or place of burial.
Introduction procedures in local cemetery.




Europe: España, Calle de Rafael Calvo, 18,28010 Madrid
North America, USA: 37th Ave Jackson HeightsNYork 11372
Central América:Colombia, Medellin Zona Franca Local 110 Rionegro-Antioquia
Asia:Bloque 4 ToaPayoh Parque Industrial Nro 01 -1345 Singapur 319056
Bordering Countries, Uruguay, Chile, Brasil, Paraguay, Bolivia.

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