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Benefits Program

In our benefits program, you can find coverages and important bonuses when hiring our services.
Tell us about your social coverage.

  • OSDE:  If you are affiliated with plan 310 and up, the funeral service is free. You do not pay for service in advance mentioning this notice. Category Funeral Services: ask for your Plan.

  • PLAN SALUD DEL HOSPITAL ITALIANO: If you are a member of the Italian Hospital you can get a special 30% bonus. Check available services for this benefit. Not compatible with all services and other promotions. Mention your coverage

  • CENTRO MEDICO PUYRREDONIf you are a member, we have a special agreement of 30% as a direct agreement. Only Company Contracted. Present your credential and request the services. Not compatible with other promotions.

  • POLICIA FEDERAL ARGENTINA:  If you are a member of this force, consult by category and position, and pay with the reimbursement of Mutual Aid the burial service. Only Company contracted to carry out funerals for PFA Personnel "Fallen in Duty Duty".

  • HOSPITAL ALEMAN PLAN MEDICO: If you are a member of the Medical Plan, we offer you a special 30% bonus on all our services. Ask us.


NOTEFor other O. Social Union, you can ask us your consultation, we have agreements for services without charge.



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